pink ribbon Why Wear Pink?

    DO NOW

    Who was Susan G Komen?  (Google her now-the first person to find her should share with the group)


    Go to the Komen Houston site…what are some ways that you can help?  What organizations participate with the Komen Foundation?


    Did you know that there was a Race for the Cure on October 31st?  If you can’t do the run, what else could you do?


    (Closer to Free Flash Mob)

    Is this an organization that your advocacy would consider supporting?  If so, how?

    Stuck for ideas? You Could...

    *Organize your own Flash Mob*Wear pink*Run/walk for the cure* Donate money or make a donation jar and ask to leave it where lots of people have change*Get pledges for donations*Make a video*Find out your own family's medical history related to cancer*


    Using your BFF Google, answer the following question…

    ·         Can MALES get breast cancer? 

    ·         Can they die from it? 

    ·         What percent of women who are diagnosed survive breast cancer?