• Hunger in America

    Tuesday Social Activism Lesson, October 27, 2015

     Do Now-

    Reflect on this, and then respond…

    “What would you do if you didn’t have food at home and you had to eat school lunch and breakfast?  What would you do on the weekends?  What if you had siblings at home who were not in school but you knew they were hungry?  Would you take the leftover food that kids put in the back of the cafeteria?”


    SHOW VIDEO…scroll down the page to A Place at the Table and click the white arrow.


    What can one person do about hunger in Houston?

    What can a group of people in Houston do?

    Did you say feed hungry people yourself or with friends?  See the next video…



    What are the dangers involved in feeding people on the street?  Who is at risk…the person asking for food or the person giving out food?

    You can help the most by donating food to a charity or volunteering your time.  Items currently being collected at East Early College for the Houston Food Bank:

    ·         Canned/non-perishable food

    ·         Dry foods like rice or beans

    ·         Food in jars such as peanut butter and jelly

    ·         Canned fruits, soups and vegetables



    How much do food stamps (in Texas it’s the Lone Star card) provide?


    For 1 person, $200 per month, for two people $350.  Add $50.00 for each additional person.

     Lone Star

    For a family of four, that would be $450.00.  This sounds like a lot of money, right?

    Divide that by 30 (days in the month).

    Now divide that by 3 (meals per day).

    How much can be spent on each person for each meal?


    What type of meals would you plan using the daily amount?  Think about an affordable breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

    Breakfast (amount spent)

    Lunch (amount spent)

    Dinner (amount spent)











    Many people go to food banks, but food banks exist by donations.  You are also allowed to use manufacturer’s coupons with the Lone Star card to cut the total. 

    Lone Star Card-how to apply and requirements


    Exit Ticket

    Commit to bringing one of the items above to your advocacy teacher next class period!

    For further study…