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    Acceptable Use Policy for Houston ISD VPN Services

    Employees must comply with Houston ISD's Acceptable Use Policy for Electronic Services, just as though they were using their computer at work.

    Filtering or blocking software used used to restrict access to certain Internet sites applies to employees using Houston ISD VPN Services.

    Steps shall be taken to promote the safety and security of all users of the Houston ISD computer network and VPN services when using electronic mail, chat rooms, instant messaging, and other forms of direct electronic communications. Specifically, as required by CIPA, prevention of inappropriate network usage includes: (a) unauthorized access, including so-called “hacking,” and other unlawful activities, and (b) unauthorized disclosure, use, and dissemination of personal identification information regarding minors.

    Using Houston ISD VPN Services indicates your agreement with Houston ISD's Acceptable Use Policy. View the full Acceptable Use Policy for Electronic Services.

    Users experiencing difficulty with Houston ISD VPN services may contact the Houston ISD IT Service Desk, M-F 630am – 5pm,  (713) 892-7378.