• The 4th  graders will be working on individual  poster projects for ASL.   Students will be given class time to research  their person on a chromebook during the month of April.  Students who do not finish researching their project must complete it at home. 


    Every student will need a poster board ( not trifold or foam board) 
    Black printing will be available during class for those who have finished their research. 
    Borders or poster decorations are optional but need to be flat - not raised or bumpy.
    The poster need to be balanced with both pictures and stated facts/ researched information.
    Students may use different color ink or different color paper to personalize the poster. 
    They may use regular (straight) scissors or paper edging scissors (various designs)
     Information will be typed in 14, 16 or 18  point Verdana, Arial, or Sans Serif .  The name of the successful deaf person and the subtitles may be in bold and in 14 or 16 or 18 point Verdana, Arial, or Sans Serif.
     No Italics is allowed.


    Printed information and 3 pictures will be adhered (double sided tape preferred) onto the poster board.  I highly recommend using double sided tape instead of glue. 


     Poster Topics will be  given in the order that the students have sent their top 3 or 4 categories to Mrs. Godinich. The topics will be assigned on a first come first serve basis.

    Information to be included on the poster:

    1. how/when the person became deaf
    2. where they went to school
    3. communication mode (oral or signed program)
    4. how they overcame their deafness
    5. their philosophy on deafness
    6. examples/proof of their success.