Do Now-Discussion Questions for the whole group

    ·        What does your digital footprint say about you? 

    ·        How long does it last? 

    ·        What are your privacy settings?

    ·        Who might look you up on line?

     Watch this informative clip…



     Now go to the site created by the government...


     Watch the video titled Broken Friendships

    1.   Has this happened to someone you know? 

    2.   What did they do?


    Now watch Hot or Not

    1.   Why should you avoid online rankings like this? 

    2.   Could this get you expelled from school?

    3.   Can this affect the way your family or teachers think about you as a person?


    (Note: the videos open in the lower left-hand corner of your screen)


    Work through the lesson.  There are three videos, and then a reflection question…



     How do you start to repair a bad digital footprint?