The Dual Language Program is both an additive bilingual program for Spanish-speaking students and a foreign language immersion program for English-speaking students. In Two-Way classrooms, a combination of native Spanish speakers and native English speakers are taught together in an effort to develop full bilingualism and bi-literacy for both groups of students.

    Secondary Level
    At the secondary level (Middle School/High School) students participating in the program typically take two-three classes in Spanish. (1-2 content area classes and an advanced level Spanish Foreign Language course). Two-Way students typically take both high school credit Spanish Language courses in Middle School and the Spanish Language AP test at 8th Grade. At the High School level, these students take Spanish AP 4/5 courses testing on the Spanish Literature AP test at either 11th or 12th grade. In addition, these students often add a third language at the high school level.
    Goals & Benefits
    All Dual Language students will:
    • Achieve academically in all content areas
    • Develop bilingual and biliterate linguistic and literacy proficiencies in English and Spanish
    • Develop a multicultural perspective
    Houston ISD currently has twenty-six Elementaries, two Middle Schools, two K-8 Academies, and one High School Dual Language Program. Please contact the Multilingual Education Department (713-556-6961) for more information concerning this program option. 

    Current Campuses:
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    Reagan High School 413 East 13th Street 
    TX 77008-7021