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    As a College Course:

    This course is designed to give you maximum flexibility & autonomy

    so that you are set up to successfully manage your personal/family responsibilities

    along with your college application efforts and your AP LIT coursework.  ♦♦♦   

    AP LIT Syllabus

     AP LIT Assignment Calendar :

    * please click on this calendar link to look ahead and plan the completion of your assignment deadlines! *

    At the beginning of each grading cycle
    , you have full access to your "minor grade" assignments for that cycle.

    All of the assignments will be open & accessible to you (24/7) through Canvas. THIS MEANS THAT you are fully able (& highly encouraged) to work ahead and submit the assignments in advance of their published deadline. [Please remember that it is always your responsibility to be aware of ALL the deadlines that are associated with your AP LIT assignments.] 

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