Meet the principal

  •  Picture of Campus Principal    I am excited for the beginning of a new school year!  I'm looking forward to creating a rigorous, supportive, and structured environment that will foster student success.  The work at West Briar for students and adults will be linked to three foundational aspects.  Respect, integrity, and perseverance will be at the core of the actions and work done by students and adults.  Adults will model respectful interactions and behaviors while students learn the importance of respect, timing, and tone of conversations that they have with each other and with adults.  There will be integrity in the planning  and delivery of instruction and assessment by adults to help gain a genuine understanding of student strengths and needs.  There will be integrity as students work with integrity and honesty each day.  Students will give their best effort as they persevere through the struggles of learning new skills and content because on the other side of that frustration is a new skill or idea that they have gained.  Adults will persevere through difficult tasks as they collaborate to plan, prepare, and teach students to the very best of their abilities each day.  Communication will be consistent and clear with weekly emails and updates so that students and parents are always aware of what's coming up at West Briar.  I'm looking forward to the year ahead and the continued success of our students and staff!

    -Mr. Lopez



    Gabe Lopez


    West Briar Middle School