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    New Academic Direction for Bruce 
    OUR main focus at Bruce Elementary School is educating the whole child. We are committed to developing programs that are focused on character development, mentorships, academic growth, development, and achievement for Bruce students. Program requirements are acceptable conduct and excellent attendance. Each student will be provided with a musical instrument at no cost to allow them to develop their musical talent. Bruce’s Supplemental Instruction for Gifted and High achieving and/or Talented Students program encourages students through creative and enriching activities to achieve levels that reflect their intellectual capabilities. The Gifted and Talented program at Bruce provides students the opportunity to research, problem solve, and be innovative through:

    o   Project-Based Learning based on Texas Performance Project Standards;

    o   Participation in Academic Competitions (UIL)

    o   After-School Enrichment Program for Creative Thinkers.


    We are committed to providing quality instruction and intervention for all learners. Literacy and STEM is at the core of our instructional program. To ensure we are developing global learners our campus:

    o   Maintain a State of the Art Science Lab.

    o   Maintain a Contemporary Library/Media Center staffed with a librarian. 

    o   Partner with "Making it Better" to provided reading intervention in K

    o   Embedded Intervention into our daily schedule through Impact Hour for PK-5

    o   Maintain Computer Lab to provide students access to technology.