Q: How can I find package and pricing information for the on campus OPTIONAL senior portrait?
    A: Follow this link to the Alan Ross Photography page: https://p11.secure.hostingprod.com/@www.alanrossphotographer.com/ssl/pvacap.html
    Q: Who do I turn my senior class fees in to?
    A: Ms. Herrera (our financial clerk) in the 4th floor Admin office.
    Q: In what ways can I pay my senior class fees?
    A: You may pay by either cash or check made out to "HSPVA." You can also pay online
    Q: What do my senior class fees cover?
    A: Senior class fees cover the costs to all of the following senior events:
      • Welcome Back Breakfast in August
      • Graduation (Cap and gown, Rehearsal Transportation, Crew, Food) 
      • Senior Breakfast 
      • Senior Picnic 
    Q: What other fees do I need to pay in addition to my senior class fees?
    A: Other fees include:
      • All pictures require an additional purchase.
      • Prom tickets require an additional purchase.
      • Your art area may have additional department fees.
      • Items purchased from Balfour such as rings, invitations, other senior gear.