Connecting Phones

  • Connect Port 01 to a network drop in the wall.
    Connect Port 02 to your computer.
    Leave Port 03 alone.
    Cisco phone properly connected. 

Setup Voicemail

  • All you need to do is set up your new voicemail in a few easy steps!

    How to Set Up Your New Voicemail:

    •       Press the [MESSAGES] button on your telephone. The [MESSAGES] button is circled in red on the bottom image.

    •       Enter the passcode [135246#]

    •       You will be prompted to [record your name]

    •       You will be prompted to [enter a new greeting] (optional)

    •       You will be prompted to replace the temporary password [135246#] with a new password

    •       Follow the prompts until the system indicates you have completed this process

    Cisco phone with [MESSAGES] button circled in red.