7th Texas History Syllabus Mr. Green

  • Teacher:  Mr. Green

    Room:  A 205      E-Mail: rgreen1@houstonisd.org

    School:  Sharpstown International 6-12   

    School Year:  2019-2020

    Curriculum:   Welcome to 7th Grade Texas History!  The curriculum for this fall will focus on geography, history, economics, government, and the cultural influences of the Spanish and Mexican peoples on the history of Texas.

    Units Covered:  Unit 2 Texas Geography, Unit 3 Native Texans, Unit 4 Early Explorers, Unit 5 Spanish and Anglos Settle Texas, and Unit 6 Texas Revolution.

    Semester Objective:  Students will demonstrate an understanding of geography, cultures, and history that effected Texas and its people.  I will also prepare your child for the STAAR 8th Social Studies Exam.

    Materials Needed for Class Each Day:

    1. Textbook: Texas and Texans-(Provided)
    2. Paper, Pen/Pencil
    3. Please make sure your child has the proper amount of paper, pencil/pen for each class.
    4. Ruler
    5. Map Pencils
    6. Extra Notebook for outside assignments.
    7. Drive Stick to store research for power point.

    REQUIRED POLICY SIS:  LATE WORK IS DUE NO LATER THAN 6 SCHOOL DAYS AFTER THE DUE DATE; THIS INCLUDES TESTS AND QUIZZES.  MAXIMUM GRADE FOR LATE WORK is 89 – If student turns in the assignment within the grace period.  Exception:  Official doctor’s note regarding illness that prevent student from completing assignment.

    Exams or Projects = 40%, Quizzes or Major Class Assignments = 50%, Minor Class Assignments, Notebook Grades, and Class Participation = 10%. Note: Major Class Assignments and Quizzes are called Formative Assessments.  Unit Exams and Projects are called Summative Assessments.  Formative Assessments on a daily basis will count more toward each student’s final grade.  Please take all assignments seriously.

    Homework:  Most assignments will be completed in class.  I will require that students study my study guide for homework prior to each Unit test, and complete MYP projects outside of class.

    Student Expectations:  Classroom rules will be posted, treat everyone with respect, act responsibly, come to school prepared for learning, and bring all materials to class each day.



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