• PreAP Art Level I Syllabus

    Carnegie Vanguard High School

    Raymond Rodriguez, B.F.A., Teacher            rrodri16@houstonisd.org


    Introduction:  I am extremely excited to be a member of the Fine Arts team at Carnegie Vanguard High School.  This is my 11th year teaching art at Carnegie.  I have a strong visual arts background, having studied architecture at Texas A&M in College Station before transferring and obtaining my Fine Arts degree from the University of North Texas in 2003.  While my focus has been on drawing and painting, I appreciate and teach the visual arts in all its many forms.


    Course Description:  PreAP Art Level I:  This class is a foundational course intended to introduce or build upon knowledge already acquired through previous art classes or art experiences.  Students who successfully complete the course should be well prepared for upper levels of art, which will hopefully lead to the successful submission of an Advanced Placement art portfolio for a fine art college credit. 


    Throughout this course, students will gain knowledge and experiences comparable to a first-year art course taught at many colleges and universities.  Its focus will be on drawing and painting, and many media, techniques and art concepts will be explored.  Both Advanced Placement guidelines and Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) have been integrated into lesson planning and curriculum.


    Text:  While there is no hard copy text required for the course, the teacher will make occasional use of Davis Art Publications in digital format, including The Visual Experience and Experience Painting.


    Supplies/Materials Needed:  Generally speaking, most art supplies will be provided by the District and the generous support of our Parent-Teacher Organization.  However, students will be required to bring a 12” ruler (preferably the flexible, non-breakable kind) and a small hand sharpener to class everyday.   All students need to come prepared for class every day!


    Performance Standards:  Instruction in Art I will be presented through multiple instructional strategies including direct instruction, class critiques, whole class and group dialogue (verbal and written) and differentiated lessons created to support students in their artistic development.


    Successful students will:

    --Demonstrate successful use of the Elements and Principles of Art

    --Use Perception and Direct Observation to visually interpret the world around them

    --Use critical thinking skills to solve visual problems

    --Use educational technologies as tools for learning when appropriate, i.e.:  online text and videos and laptop computers.


    Support and Tutoring:  Students who have questions or are experiencing difficulty are strongly encouraged to seek help immediately.  I am usually available during lunch upon request, with the exception of every other Tuesday when I have meetings.  It may also be possible to arrange times before school or during Study Skills Enrichment Period (SSEP).    Because my lunch and planning time is valuable, students are required to demonstrate positive citizenship skills before requesting instruction outside of class.  Students must arrive promptly after the bell.


    Grading:  Assignments in PreAP Art Level I are divided into categories and have the following weights:

    a)     Projects will be assessed at 50% of a cycle’s grade

    b)    Tests will be assessed at 30% of a cycle’s grade

    c)     Quizzes and Homework will be assessed at 20% of a cycle’s grade.


    Late Assignments:  In general,  no points are deducted from a cycle average for late Project work before the end of a 9 week cycle, since I care about the quality of the artwork produced by my students.  Tentative due dates will be established and progress on the work will be assessed, but students have until the end of the grading cycle to complete or improve their work. 


    Tests are expected to be turned in on their assigned due dates.  Tests not submitted on time will have 10 points deducted for each class day that it is late, up to three days overdue, at which point a grade of 0 will be assessed.


    Because of the time-sensitive nature of the occasional Homework assignments that I give, no credit will be given to late homework assignments except in cases of extenuating circumstances.


    Extra Credit:  Extra credit is offered up to a maximum of 10% in the Project and Test categories.


    Online Grade Access:  Parents and students may access tentative grades through Gradespeed.  It should be noted that grades are not final until the end of each grading cycle, and in some cases a placeholder grade may be assessed.  Missing assignment will be assessed at 0 until such time as the missing work is made up.


    Classroom Expectations:  It is expected that all students:

    --will arrive to class on time and be prepared with required materials.

    --will follow directions.

    --will be respectful to self and others at all times.

    --will complete all assignments and assessments honestly.

    --will be actively engaged and participate in class discussions.

    --will not eat or drink in the classroom at anytime.

    --will not use cellphones, ipods or any other electronic devices without the express approval of the teacher.

    --will make the best use of class time and stay on task.

    --will be engaged in the work of the class and not work from another class.

    --will stay awake in class at all times.

    --will treat others with kindness and respect.

    --will allow the teacher and other students to speak without interruption.

    --allow classmates to focus on work without distractions.

    --will handle class resources with care.

    --refrain from making discouraging or hurtful comments toward others.


    ---------------LET’S HAVE AN AWESOME YEAR!!!!!-----------------