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  • Introduction
    This will be an exciting year for all of us: you, your child, and myself. I have been in education for 15years. I began my teaching career at Advance Head Start. After developing a strong desire for educating scholars, I attended the University of Houston, where she obtained her Bachelor of Science Degree in Education. Two years later I attended Grand Canyon University and obtained my Master's Degree in Reading with an Emphasis in Curriculum and Instructions. 
  • Message from our District 

    " As our community copes with COVID-19, HISD is committed to providing students with instructional materials and resources to continue learning at home. Resources include a combination of online e-texts, digital libraries, handouts, virtual field trips, parent guided lessons, and independent work. Each of the recommended activities and lessons found on this page will all students to engage with the subject area and practice meaningful skills at home."

    If you have any problems assessing the websites that have been provided to "compete with relative ease" please reach out to me @ p00057248@houstonisd.org. I understand how fustrating this process might, please be patient as we embark upon this new territory of learning. Remember, as always, to engage with your child during this new learning process. The District also recommed parents take the following steps. 

    • Create a schedule for the day. Providing students with a structured environment will help establish a sense of normalcy and set clear expectations for the day. 
    • Diversify sctivities throughout the day
    • Include free time in thier schedule
    • Limit long periods of unnecessary screen time 

    My Contact Information:
    Conference Time  
     Monday and Tuesday
    8:00 - 11:25 noon
    Wednesday - Thursday (by appointment only) 
    Need a Conference
    Please call the school to leave a message or you may email me. I will respond within 24 hours.  
    Introduction to Science  
    (1) Science,  as defined by the National Academy of Sciences, is the "use of evidence to construct testable explanations and predictions of natural phenomena, as well as the knowledge generated through this process." 
    (2) Recurring themes are pervasive in sciences, mathematics, and technology. These ideas transcend disciplinary boundaries and include patterns, cycles, systems, models, and change and constancy.
    (3) The study of elementary science includes planning safely implementing classroom and outdoor investigations using scientific processes, including inquiry methods, analyzing information, making informed decisions, and using tools to collect and record information, while addressing the major concepts and vocabulary, in the context of physical, earth, and life sciences. Districts are encouraged to facilitate classroom and outdoor investigation for at least 80% of instructional time.  
    Class/Homework Assignments:  Will be given to the students 
    Online Parent Connect : Go to houstonisd.org 
    Classroom Rules are our school's core values:
    Demonstrate Excellence in all you do
       Give Mutual Respect to everyone, adults and students
    Exhibit enthusiasm and joy daily 
     Strive for Academic Achievement 
    Grading Policies  
    E - excellent - all work submitted, excellent behavior
    S - satisfactory - most of the work submitted, good behavior
    N- needs improvement, some work submitted, fair behavior
    U - unsatisfactory  behavior, little work submitted, lots of redirection