• Hello parents!
    I hope you are as excited as I am about our EF trip to Quebec this summer.  I personally traveled with EF when I took French I in school (just a few years ago).  My first trip abroad was
    what really pushed me to work hard in learning the French language after discovering in first person what France was like.  If for some reason you can't join us on our adventure, I am sure your children will have many more opportunities in the future to travel abroad in high school, college or in their adult lives.  
    Below is the link so you can enroll for our trip to QUEBEC for this summer June 15-20
    One last thing, TH-Rogers and HISD are not sponsoring this trip.  EF tours is the organization in charge of this program



    Regarding September 14 meeting...



    1.            There will be a $50 discount if you sign up within a week from September 14 with the $99 initial deposit.

    -trip cost would be reduced from  $2,389  to $2,339


    2.            If you need to know about this cost being tax deductible child care you can call traveler support or your accountant.


    3.            You can sign up for the trip @ www.efexploreamerica.com/1886544MS


    -US citizens need a passport to travel to Canada -Mexican citizens need a passport and a visa to travel to Canada -Other nationalities you need to contact the Canadian consulate / your consulate


    4.  Canadian exchange rate is $1 Canadian to $.76  us dollar, I would recommend giving your child at least $150 Canadian dollars spending money for trip that would be $114 us dollars


    5.  If you want to travel with your child your cost would be trip cost $2,339 plus $350 adult fee with 2 adults per room or pay additional fee for single.