• Fall Deadline- Sept 12/Spring Deadline-Jan 26
    Exception Deadlines-Oct 5
    Schedule change requests may be submitted freely within the first 15 days of each semester (see deadlines above).  At the end of the first grading cycle, those students with a cycle grade of 79 percent and below in an AP or Pre-AP class, may request an exception level change. These exceptions must be submitted by the exception deadline and will not be processed until cycle grades are finalized.   Schedule changes cannot be considered after this deadline except in extreme circumstances. Request to move classes to another period or another instructor cannot be honored.  Art area scheduling issues should be addressed to the appropriate art department teacher.  Counselors will make every effort to complete requests, but are limited by art area conflicts, class availability, and other master schedule limitations.  Art area requirements take priority over other schedule issues and classes cannot be overloaded to honor schedule requests 
                                                                                  Schedule Change Directions
    First Step: The schedule change process begins with the teacher in the class the student wishes to change. Students should conference with the teacher regarding the reason for the schedule change, complete the form, and obtain the teacher’s signature.
    Second Step: The student should obtain a parent signature approving the schedule change request.
    Third Step: The completed form with signatures should be turned into your counselor.
    Fourth Step: Counselors will review requests and will send updated schedules to students when the change is made or will meet with students if there is a problem.
    Please use the attached form: Schedule Change Form