• What is the big deal about chewing GUM?
    Whole group advocacy activity, East Early College


    mole  What does this little guy have to do with chewing gum?  Read on to find out. 

    DO NOW

    Brainstorm on the following topic:

    According to "How Stuff Works," chewing gum does not biodegrade but lasts forever.  Knowing that, what issues can you see when gum is not disposed of properly?  (Make a group list)

    You can see how many of them you thought of. 



    Design an anti-gum campaign poster illustrating one of the dangers (Such as a fish chewing gum) and submit to the main office with the name of your advocacy teacher-just one per advocacy.  You can complete this after your research today.


    Do you have pets?  Did you know that there is a substance in most chewing gum called Xylitol that can kill your pet if ingested?  When you throw your gum on the sidewalk, it can attract birds or hungry dogs.  When they eat gum, birds and animals can die or have intestinal blockages and the gum does not break down.


    There are even internet articles about killing garden pests with chewing gum! Is there a more humane way to eliminate problem animals?


    Here is who they are talking about killing…


    Did you know that in some places there are special trash cans for gum so that the chewed gum can be recycled?  Click the link to see what products can be made from recycled gum.



    Are you willing to take the Pledge, promising to dispose of gum properly?  If so, sign your name on the poster that your advocacy created.  Make sure you have a slogan and the name of your advocacy!  Please have these turned in no later than Friday.


    For Further Study, you could…

    ·         Create a hypothesis and study gum as a science fair project (see Mr. Betancourt!)

    ·         Start a community service project and publicize it here


    ·         After you Do Something, take the pledge and publicize the hazards of improperly disposed gum