•  Proposition One, AKA “Robin Hood”


     DO NOW

    Q-Do you know who Robin Hood was and what he believed? 

    A-He believed in robbing the rich to give to the poor.  Does stealing for a good cause make it okay? 

    NOW, what if you were the “rich” whose money was being given to the poor?

    HISD is facing funding issues due to the Robin Hood Bill.  Learn about it here…



    1.    What does a vote FOR the proposition mean, and what does a vote AGAINST the proposition mean?

    A vote FOR means we willing give back money that belongs to HISD students to go to other Districts that may not have as much property.  This means they will continue to increase the amount of money they take from HISD every year.

    A vote AGAINST means that the students of HISD do not want to give money to other Districts, and the State of Texas will need to find other ways to fund schools who have less property to tax.

    2.    If the vote passes, what does that mean for OUR school…

    The amount of money that East Early College will lose THIS YEAR is around $179.00 per student. 

    What is $179 X 460?

    Around -$82,340.00 

    3.    And what will that cost us?

    That is the cost of 1 Teacher, 1 Clerk, and 4 field trips or college visits.

     The following year (2017-2018) it will be more, so at least two more teachers and another 4 trips.

     And in 2018-2019, double that again…


    Always let your voice be heard through your vote, either FOR or AGAINST Proposition One.  If you can’t vote, then encourage your parents to vote.  If they have questions about this important item on the November 8th ballot, refer them to the web site or have them attend the next parent meeting.


    If you could vote, would you vote FOR or AGAINST this proposition?

     (Take a vote by secret ballot, and your advocacy teacher will send me the vote from your group-majority rules!)

     For Further Study…

    See the two documents under Resources on this page.  Always be informed!! 
     VOTE November 8th!!