Gifted and Talented Information:

    Grades 1-4


    Dear Parents,

    This year the district will only have one testing window for students wishing to test for the GT Program (neighborhood campus).   In the past, there have been three testing windows, but after taking into account many considerations HISD has decided one window is best.  This testing window is only for 1st-4th grade here on our campus. 

    Pre-K, Kinder and 5th grade will have their own testing windows.

    If you would like to have your child tested (grades 1-4), please let your child’s teacher know or you may request an application in the front office (Ms. Gomez has them).  Once you have completed the application please return the application as soon as possible so we have correct numbers for ordering tests.  In addition, on the application please write your child’s teacher’s name on the paper so we can get them the correct paperwork they have to complete.  If the testing window arrives and we do not have a completed application on file, your child will not be tested.  The application is the permission slip for testing.  Without permission we cannot administer them the test.

    If your child previously qualified GT in HISD please do not submit an application.  The GT testing window is from December 12, 2016 till January 13, 2017. (Winter Break falls during this timeline)





    Holly Worchesik

    Teacher Specialist/GT Coordinator

    Ashford Elementary






    Pre-K, Kinder, and 5th Grade GT Information:

    Kinder and 5th grade will be universally tested.   You do not need an application for this testing.

    Universal testing will take place:

    CogAT: November 14-17

    IOWA/LOGRAMOS: December 1-9

    If your child is absent during the universal testing window, and miss all the make-up days as well, they will have to wait until the following year for testing for GT Qualifications.  This is due to only having one window for GT testing.  If your child previously qualified during a different testing window they will not be tested on these dates.  They will have other accommodations during school those days while testing is taking place.

    Pre-K testing will take place in February.  Your applications are not ready yet and will not be due until January 27, 2017.  When the applications are ready I will send out a notice to parents.



    Holly Worchesik

    Teacher Specialist/GT Coordinator/Title One Coordinator