• Advocacy Lesson



    Do Now

    When is the last time that you said something critical to someone?  Did you know that when you make a negative comment to someone, it takes six POSITIVE comments to make them stop feeling bad about themselves?


    The Power of Thank You.  What does Thank You do?

    ·         It encourages people to continue to do nice things for others

    ·         It makes people feel appreciated

    ·         It lessens your ego

    ·         It makes the person saying Thank You feel happy too 

    Why does it matter?


    Do you agree or disagree with the contents of the video?

    Exit Ticket

    Write one statement that says, “I am thankful for ____  because______”  It can be a friend, a teacher, a family member, or someone or something else.  Just be honestly appreciative and specific.  Give the statement to your teacher at the end of class.