• Last year, Ortiz students and staff participated in a community project with LIMBS International, a non-profit organization that provides prosthetic limbs to those in need around the world. Their service helps people become mobile again and able to work and care for their families. For the 2015-16 school year, we raised enough funds to donate a prosthetic limb.
    This year, LIMBS International implemented a Socktober event. Students and staff were encouraged to purchase a package of fun socks for $12. With every package sold, LIMBS International donated a pair of warm socks that the school could donate to a local homeless shelter. During our efforts this year, Ortiz students and staff were able to donate almost 50 pair of socks. In addition, students bought enough socks and Sock Hop dance tickets to provide a prosthetic limb to someone in need. We're very proud of our students for becoming aware of a need and taking action to help. Plans are to continue working with LIMBS International in this important cause.
    Click here to read a story about someone who received a limb because of this year's Socktober event. 
    If you'd like more information about LIMBS International, please visit  http://www.limbsinternational.org/
    January 2017:
     Members of the Ortiz National Junior Honor Society and their sponsors, Ms. Moes (art teacher) and Ms. D. Johnson (math teacher) visited the Star of Hope Mission to provide the mission with its donation of socks as part of a school-wide community project. Ms. Michelle Bates, Volunteer Services Coordinator for Star of Hope, escorted the group on a tour of the facility and accepted our donation.
    Students worked to raise funds through LIMBS International to provide a prosthetic limb to someone in need. For every package of socks students purchased, LIMBS gave a pair of socks the school could donate to a local homeless shelter.
    Through this community project and donations, Ortiz donated over 50 pairs of socks to the Star of Hope Mission.
    Student comments about their experience:
    "Life goes by too fast and in order to make the most of it, you should volunteer and help others." (Joseph, 8th Grade)
    "Today, my trip was amazing and an adventure." (Laura, 7th Grade) 
    "Today was very special to me and my fellow NJHS members because we got to see what all of our hard work as a school to sell socks and raise money to buy socks for the homeless and also raise money to afford a prosthetic leg for a woman in South America. It is amazing what Ortiz can do as a school." (Cam'ron, 7th Grade)
    "I thought the Star of Hope was a very safe and beautiful place for people to be in. I felt very honored to be there to learn how they spend their time."  (Stephanie, 7th Grade) 
    "Volunteering or donating is like a touchdown pass . . . you need to work with others to impact other lives."  (Justin, 7th Grade)
    "Being positive to community can have another big impact on others around. I love to see my school doing good in our community and trying to make other people's lives fantastic." (Kenneth, 7th Grade)
    "It was an adventure because I got to know about the Star of Hope. I got the experience to know their schedules and information about how the Star of Hope all started. It was all a wonderful experience." (Virginia, 7th Grade) 
    "Today was an amazing day where we got a chance to see others have a second chance to start over. Just knowing we helped with clothing for them is really thankful. This is one of the most special experiences to start the year and I hope we get to do this again."  (Rean, 7th Grade)