• Welcome to the Student Resource Page. We have so many activities it can get confusing at times. This page is for our class to organize material so everyone in class will have the same opportunity to download/install the programs we use in class. Notice that many of this material come from your desire to learn new programs. I do not want students spending money on programs we can get for free, and there is the issue on copyrights, user permissions/restrictions, and user agreements that will cause us problems. So before downloading "New" programs, ask me for permission first.
    Microsoft Small Basic - Small Basic Home
    Java -  Step 1     Click here
    * Accept the license Agreement for Java Se 8u121 and select the windowsX64 version for your computer. Complete the download and set up.
               Step 2    Click here
    * download eclipse the  IDE. Once both are set up, you can now program in Java.
    teacher Note: I'm still looking for an ide that is the simplest possible and appropriate for you. we tried netbeans last year and students report it's a bit easier than eclipse.
     Python (3.5) -  Step 1   Click Here
    *download version you want
    *go to applications folder
    *Select IDL to start!
                             Step 2    Click Here 
    * Download community edition
    *Install like any software
    *click new project.
    *left click folder, and select new python code.
    *Start Coding!
     Browser based     Click Here and Click Here
    * This software runs in most browsers
    *It's basically a code interpreter/compiler online