SY 2019-2020

    Note: This is NOT a lesson plan but rather a ‘big picture’ of what we do and when we do it

    6th Grade tech Apps  (Fall Semester 2019)



               - Classroom/Computer Lab procedures, Curriculum/Syllabus, Expectations, Discipline, Scholarly Behavior, Samples, Getting to know the teacher and the course, setting up accounts

               - Tech Diagnostics (whole week), “The basics” lesson – a crash course on students’ needs for middle school



             - Keyboarding (prescriptive and continues for most of the end of the semester)

             - MS Office (Word Processing, Presentations, Spreadsheets, also continues til the end of the semester)                 
                    Teacher note: Lessons for Word processing, Presentations and Spreadsheet will continue throughout 7th and 8th Grades. Many will be interwoven with other tasks and learning modules 
             - Internet Safety (E-Rate Compliance)  
             - Internet Safety Competition

             - HTML (Intro to Hypertext Markup Language)

             - Intro to Programming  

             - Bebras (Online Competition) 
             - (CS in Science) (project GUTS)  https://code.org/curriculum/science  




            - The "Business project"  (MS Office processing, speadsheets, presentation, ..)

            - Working with Multimedia

            -  Internet + Networking Basics


           - EOC project (individual)

            - Portfolio Presentations  
       End of 6th grade Tech Apps .5 units


    7th Grade Tech Apps (Spring Semester 2020)
         January -
            Photoshop (Introduction to photoshop)
               -   Multimedia concepts (light, sound, film, files, programs, groupwork, collaboration, storyboard, ..)
               -   Video Editing using Magix
            Photoshop (1/3)
                -  The "Poster" start
           HTML ( Introduction to Web Design Part 2)
           Dreamweaver (Web Page/Website design)
           Photoshop  (2/3) 
      March -  
           - CS in Algebra (Code.org 20 hr course module) (bootstrap)
               (Computer Science in Algebra) https://curriculum.code.org/algebra/standards/
               Workbook (for students to print and use)
               Programming basics
           - Hardware and Software basics
       April -
          * CS in Algebra (continuation)
          * Photoshop (3/3) Layers and Masks 
          * Multimedia (with Photoshop) 
          * TPSP-type project (individual student)
       May -
          * Tech Apps review
          * Internet Safety review 
          * Multimedia (with Film)
          * Present Project