• Schedule of Activities: 

     1st Semester

              1st 9 weeks

                         Class expectations, Grading Policies, Lab Requirements

                         What is Computer Science? Understanding Fundamentals of Computer Science

                         Software (An introduction to the Software Development Cycle)

                         Microsoft SmallBasic

                         Competition: https://picoctf.com/

                         CS Discoveries

                               Unit 1 Problem Solving

                               Unit 2 Web Development

                               Unit 3 Animation and Games

                 2nd 9 weeks

                           Getting Started with Java

                           Binary Concepts, Data Types, Language Syntax

                           Logic (Boolean, Conditional, Iterative)

                           Working with Strings

                           User Input and Flow control

                           Using Alice 3 with Java (Animation + Java programming) 
                           Team Project                    

    2nd Semester

               1st 9 weeks

                       Alice 3 with Java (Continuation)

                       Special Project 1  (Python, or an approved programming language)   (Small Group)

               2nd 9 weeks 

                       CS Discoveries
                            Unit 4 The Design Process

                            *Unit 5 Data and Society

                            *Unit 6 AP Physical Computing

                       Special Projects 2 (Individual)  





    Teacher Note:


                           This is a schedule of activities, not a lesson plan. I loosely follow HISD's HUB Master Java Course for Fundamentals of Computer Science. I also have to consider my students are 8th graders so some adjustments are necessary. Sometimes it is necessary for students to learn another program (like substitute Python for Java) because of High School Choice or potential career path. I try to work things out with the students/parents.


                           As part of HISD's Computational Thinking initiative, this is also a middle school "Oracle Academy" site and a Code.org CS Discoveries school


                           Quite a lot to do but the students love it 



                           * Optional - students may choose to learn other equally important software/program for credit