Harvey Hits Houston

    Advocacy Focus, East Early College High School




    Image Credits: New York Times



    Essential Question:  How have the recent events changed our normalcy?

    Hurricane Harvey, one of the most destructive storms in the history of the United States, made landfall in southeast Texas on August 25th.  The scale of the crisis is so vast that officials are still trying to process the magnitude of the damages from this catastrophic event.  27 trillion gallons of water caused not only a financial burden but also a social and emotional distress.





    • View the video link Video to grapple with the real-life Hurricane Stories and the scope of its aftermath.
    Guiding question to discuss with a peer:
    What image resonated with you and why?
    What conclusion can you draw while watching the distress in the people?
    What changes would you make to address the major issues or problems in the video?



    Reflection and Discourse

    Writing is used as an emotional outlet; you can express joy, sorrow, grief, and pain, but it also impacts every other element of your personal and professional surroundings. 

    Click on the link below to read the Houston Press: "How Hurricane Harvey Taught to the World about Houston" (see PDF file below)
    Click on the link below to read the Houston Chronicles: "After Harvey: Poems from the Flood" (see PDF file below)


    Writing Task

    Social media has become a way to reconnect, make new connection, and communicate with the world.  Look through your phone (or choose a picture from the options provide) and choose one picture that you took during the week of the storm.

    Write a Poem.
    1. Look though the mentor text written by the children in temporary shelters ("After Harvey: Poems from the Flood")
    2. Refer to the image you have chosen and use it as motivation to write


    Further Studies

    You could….


    • Research actual mapping of the affected areas in Texas.  What do you notice?
    • Create a hypothesis and study of what caused the increase of recent strength in storm activities
    • Start a campaign to begin changes in our local community to better prepare for future similar events