Ann Best Scott — Chief Development Officer

  • Scott Ann Best Scott was named chief development officer for HISD in September 2017. As the leader of the HISD Foundation, she serves as an advocate of educational opportunity and equity for all students. Scott has also previously served as chief human resources officer at HISD, leading the district’s teacher effectiveness efforts with the implementation of an improved teacher appraisal and development system that teachers accountable to student achievement as part of their evaluation. Before joining HISD, Scott was a member of Teach For America and taught at Ed White Elementary School in HISD. She subsequently joined the staff at Teach For America and led the region to double its presence in Houston and improve teacher impact on student outcomes. Scott holds a bachelor’s degree in communications from Oakwood University, a UNCF member school.

    Contact Information:
    Chief Development Officer Ann Best Scott
    Houston Independent School District
    4400 West 18th Street, Houston, TX  77092-8501
    Phone: 713-556-6011