**Mandatory auditions will be scheduled via email through Natalie Fischer (nfischer@houstonisd.org) or Nancy Mendez (nmendez@houstonisd.org) after you have submitted your application. All auditions will be done virtually through Microsoft TEAMS and will begin in November 2020. 
    Audition Requirements:

    Please email two writing samples to Crystal Reppert (crystal.reppert@houstonisd.org) at least two days (48 hours) before your scheduled audition.

    • One sample must be a critique of something. For example: a movie you have seen, a book you have read, a poem you have read, the way a political candidate presented his/her argument in a debate, or a restaurant that you have tried out recently. The critique should be detailed and cover at least three separate items.
    • The second sample must be a fictional story. The story can be about anything you choose. It must, however, have a well-developed plot, a conflict, and a resolution of the conflict.

    The writing samples must be typed and in standard MLA style: double-spaced, 12 pt, standard font, page number and last name in upper right.

    During your audition, be prepared to write a short story or essay in response to a prompt. You will also need to participate in a discussion of a short work of fiction.

    Should you need assistance preparing for your audition, please contact Natalie Fischer at nfischer@houstonisd.org or Nancy Mendez at nmendez@houstonisd.org.
    Session Length:
    45 minutes  
    We are happy to accept students of all experience levels. We ask that you please come prepared and display
    a commitment to your participation in the audition process and in the Westbury HS Magnet Program.