• Creative Writing

    Mandatory auditions will be handled via ACCEPTD after you have submitted your application.
    You will be able to upload the required pieces via the platform upon receipt of an email from Natalie Fischer. 

    Audition Requirements:

    Part 1: 

    Please upload two writing samples:

    • One sample must be a critique of something. For example: a movie you have seen, a book you have read, a poem you have read, the way a political candidate presented his/her argument in a debate, or a restaurant that you have tried out recently. The critique should be detailed and cover at least three separate items.
    • The second sample must be a fictional story. The story can be about anything you choose. It must, however, have a well-developed plot, a conflict, and a resolution of the conflict.

    The writing samples must be typed and in standard MLA style: double-spaced, 12 pt, standard font, page number and last name in upper right.

    All Phase 3 applicants should also submit a document or video responding to the questions outlined in Part 2 (below) in addition to Part 1. 


    Part 2- Call Back (only upon invitation)

    During your “live” audition, be prepared ​to discuss the following questions:

    1. Why do you like to write?
    2. When do you think you first began writing? Was it by choice or coercion? 
    3. What appeals to you about Westbury?
    4. How do you deal with writing a story to a specification? For example, this year we are writing a story about a Somali refugee and I gave a basic list of requirements that the students built a story around. Do you join in or shut down?  
    5. What are your interests outside of writing? Do you like to bring your other interests into your writing?

    Please also read the linked story (“Eleven” by Sandra Cisneros) and be prepared to discuss it during the interview. Please look for figurative language, the change in the protagonist, and the resolution (what happens at the very end of the story and why does it matter).  https://www.sps186.org/downloads/basic/777685/eleven%20.pdf

    Call Back Session Length: 

    45 minutes  


    Should you need assistance preparing for your audition, please contact Natalie Fischer at nfischer@houstonisd.org or Nancy Mendez at nmendez@houstonisd.org.


    We are happy to accept students of all experience levels. We ask that you please come prepared and display a commitment to your participation in the audition process and in the Westbury HS Magnet Program.