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    These Goals are Mine

    Advocacy Focus, East Early College High School


    Tuesday, September 26, 2017






    Essential Question: 


    What are your goals?  Are there different types of goals?




    1. The students will create a What are Your Goals mini poster?
    1. These posters should be artistic and placed in the room to remind the students of their goals each time they enter the advocacy room.



    1. Make sure they include six goals: two academic and one from community service, health/fitness, family, and leisure.
      1. Academic- focus on grades, study habits, tutorials, and etcetera
      2. Community Service- focus on assisting others on campus and the surrounding community
      3. Health/Fitness- focus on physical health and improvement
      4. Family- focus on strengthening relationships with family/or advocacy members
      5. Leisure- focus on activities that will serve as stress relievers


    1. Make sure goals are clear and specific.




    Incorrect: I want to get good grades.


    Correct: I want to make sure I earn All As in my courses, in particular, English, Biology, and World History. I will do that by studying for all my exams and making sure my projects are turned in on time. If I am struggling with my courses, I will attend tutorials at least twice a week.



    Example of a Good Format; however, the students can be creative in the way they layout their goals.




    Reflection and Discourse



    1. Why is it important that we set goals for all aspects of our lives?