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    Planning to Avoid Panic

    Advocacy Focus, East Early College High School


    Wednesday, September 27, 2017




    Essential Question:  How does using a planner improve our success with personal and academic goals?




    1. The students will discuss as a class methods they can used to plan out due dates and planning out goals for exams, projects, essays, and etcetera.
    1. Explain to the students that they can use hardcopy planners or they can create digital planners using OneNote, Google Calendars, and various other forms.
    2. Then as a class, have them plan out the following week (October 1- October 7). Since they are in the same grade, they can use each other to plan out the week. They should do this as a group.




    Reflection and Discourse



    1. Why is it important that we set goals for all aspects of our lives?
    2. How could they serve as a support system for each other?