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    Connecting by Sharing Concerns

    Advocacy Focus, East Early College High School


    Monday, October 2, 2017




    Essential Question (Why?):  What are the reasons we have communication conflicts with our peers?




    Identifying Concerns Round

    1. The students will participate in a Circle Discussion in which they will share their response to the Essential Questions.
    2. Create a circle and make sure the students can all face each other and hear one another.
    3. Select an object that can serve as the "Talking Piece"- move the talking piece clockwise- only the person holding this object can speak; everyone else should be listening respectfully and silently. 
    4. Assure that everyone has spoken and because the advocacy group is large perhaps set a time of no more than 30 seconds of speaking time per student (10-12 minutes for the whole group to speak).

    Solution Round

    1. Once everyone has spoken, open the circle, this time students can provide advice and or solutions to one advocacy member (5-8 minutes for the round of discussion).

    Reflection and Discourse


     1. Why is it important to serve as each other's support system without judgment?