•  Mr. Derry

    Mr. Jeffrey Derry
    PAP Algebra-1
    Email:  Jeffrey.Derry@houstonisd.org
    Google Voice: 281-810-6897
    REMIND: Class: PAP Algebra  Code: h6g7b89
    WELCOME TO 2020-2021 PAP ALGEBRA-1
    Welcome to an opportunity for personal and academic growth. My goal is to enable you to realize your great potential. Everyone encounters adversity in their journey. It is how we choose to react to adversity that molds our character to empower ourselves to realize prosperity and happiness. Intelligent preparation is essential to success. Fulfillment is proportion to the time and effort we put forth to attain it. I believe we will overcome the challenges of tomorrow. I believe we will become better scholars, better people. What do you believe?
    Let us of have an enlightening experience that endures. Together, we will make our world a better place. 
    Grading Criteria
    CYCLE: 30% Assignments    35% Quizzes    35% Tests
    SEMESTER: 30% each cycle   10% Final Exam
    1. Algebraic, verbal, tabular or graphic justifications MUST justify ALL answers to earn full credit.
    2. Re-Assessment opportunities can be earned by completing all assignments and completing an Assessment Corrections/Reflections.
    3. Unexcused late work will be penalized 25 points per day late.

    Parent/Guardian Expectations

    It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to view their student’s grades at least weekly, thru the HISD Parent Student Connect portal, https://www.houstonisd.org/domain/11001. It is not realistic to expect the instructor to contact the parent/guardian for every instance of their student earning an unsatisfactory grade. The parent/guardian should to be proactive and monitor the student’s daily notes, assignments and grades. He/she should actively discuss the educational opportunities with their student. The parent/guardian should motivate and support their student to enable them to develop self-discipline and responsibility, improved study habits and positive behavior. The parent/guardian should contact the instructor thru e-mail immediately, should there be concern relevant to the growth of their student. Together, we will enable our student to realize their great educational and personal potential!

  • Teacher Schedule

     Period 1: Enrichment
     Period 2: PAP Alg-1
     Period 3: Prep Time
     Period 4: PAP Alg-1
     Period 5: PAP Alg-1
     Period 6: Enrichment
     Period 7: PAP Alg-1 Lab
     Period 8: Prep Time
     Period 9:  PAP Alg-1 Lab
     Period 10: PAP Alg-1 Lab
    Parent Conference Times : Tu-W-Th-F 11:-12:45