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    Answering the Telephone

    Advocacy Focus, East Early College High School


    Wednesday, October 11, 2017





    Essential Question (How?):  How do we effectively resolve issues caused by miscommunication?



    Task: Students will learn about positive Conflict-Solution.


    1. Brainstorm:
      1. Brainstorm Conflict Types-(on the board/or an anchor sheet)- Discuss and list at least 6 reasons peer conflicts (bullying, teasing, gossip, and etcetera) might occur.
      2. Brainstorm Emotions- Students should provide the feeling that correlates with each of the listed conflicts


    1. Communication Choices:
      1. Students should provide what are some negative communication solutions (choices) and their consequences (refer to the conflict types).
      2. Students should provide what are some positive communication solutions (choices) and their results (refer to the conflict types).


    1. Share:
      1. Ask students to share positive conflict-resolution situations 
      2. What methods did they use to communicate the misunderstanding?

    Reflection and Discourse


     1. Explain the role of advocacy as a communication support system for providing positive conflict solution? - Perhaps refer back to the Mission Statement created a few weeks back.