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    Thank You For Everything!

    Advocacy Focus, East Early College High School


    Monday, November 13, 2017




    Essential Question: Who am I thankful for in Advocacy?





    1. Provide each student with a white or colored sheet of paper and instruct them to write their name in the center of the page.  Once everyone has completed their name on the paper, then move on to the Carrousel step.
    2. Carrousel- Find a pattern that works best for your classroom setup, but the important part is that you have students moving in a rotation.
    3. During each rotation, allow the students about 30-45 seconds to write a comment on a classmates paper- This comment to reflect something they appreciate and/or are thankful for and have them write their name under the comment. The comment should be genuine and specific- avoid vague statements.
    4. Do this until all students have commented on all the posters.

    Reflection and Discourse

    Discuss: Why should we be reflect on what others have done for us?