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    Creating An Advocacy Lesson

    Advocacy Focus, East Early College High School


    Monday, December 4, 2017




    Essential Question: What activity or lesson should all EECHS participate in?


    (Reading, Discourse, Writing)


    1. As an advocacy class, create an activity and easy to follow directions
    2. Use the template for Advocacy lessons (see attachment)
    3. The activity should be meaningful and entertaining
    4. Make sure you complete all aspects of the template


    1. Complete all sections
      1. Create a Title
      2. Add an image that connects to the lesson
      3. Provide the essential question? (What do you want the students to focus on?)
      4. Task- what are the students going to do /learn
      5. Procedure- what steps will they take to complete  the lesson
      6. Resources- provide any resources needed to complete your activity (you will have to create this)
      7. Create- discussion question, what should the students take from the lesson?


    Reflection and Discourse

    Discuss: What does the group still need to get down to complete the lesson and resources?