• The English Language Development (ELD) assessment consists of formatively assessing ELs’ performance in all four language domains (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) to adjust instructional strategies that target and support students’ linguistic and academic needs.  Campuses with 40% or more English Learners and/or who did not meet the TELPAS Progress Measure are strongly encouraged to participate in ELD Progress Monitoring. However, check with your assistant superintendent as it may be required in your school office. Though we only recommend beginning and intermediate students in grades 2-12 participate, the assessment is available for all ELs in grades K-12 regardless of proficiency level.

    Fall Snapshot

    The process for the Fall Snapshot remains unchanged.  Campuses will continue to use the online reading assessment found on OnTrack and will rate listening, speaking, and writing holistically using the TELPAS PLDs.

    Spring Benchmark

    The process for the Spring Benchmark now includes an online listening assessment found in OnTrack and an online speaking assessment found in the HUB.  These assessments provide students with an experience that closely aligns to what they can expect on TELPAS.  However, campuses may choose to holistically rate their students using the TELPAS PLDs as they have done in the past.  Campuses will continue to use the online reading assessment found on OnTrack and will rate writing holistically using the TELPAS Writing PLDs.
    For a more detailed explanation of the ELD and how to administer it, please follow the links below.



    The composite score does not automatically populate in OnTrack21-22_HISD_ELD_ES-MS-HS_LA_E_Composite.  The score must be manually entered for each of the Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing domains.  

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