3rd Grade ELAR
    Year at a Glance


    Unit 1 – 3 weeks

    Genre: Realistic Fiction


    Spelling Patterns: short vowels (review), long vowels (review),  double consonants (review)


    Comprehension Skills: making connections, summarizing, point of view


    Written Composition: personal narrative


    Grammar/Punctuation: nouns (singular, plural, common, proper, abstract, concrete), capitalization, end punctuation


    Unit 2 – 2 weeks

    Genre: Literary Nonfiction  


    Spelling: review of previous skills, consonant blends


    Comprehension Skills: theme, inferences, character traits

    Written Composition: biography


    Grammar/Punctuation: verbs (past, present, future, irregular), contractions


    Unit 3 – 4 weeks

    Genre: nonfiction


    Spelling: digraphs, diphthongs, complex consonants, complex vowels


    Comprehension Skills: text features, topic, main idea, fact/opinion

     Written Composition: expository


    Grammar/Punctuation: adjectives (descriptive, limiting, articles), commas,


    Unit 4 – 3 weeks

    Genre: poetry


    Spelling: review, plural –s, -es, irregular plurals


    Comprehension Skills: author’s purpose, figurative language, visualization

    Written Composition: poetry


    Grammar/Punctuation: subject predicate, prepositions, pronouns


    Unit 5 – 2 weeks

    Genre: procedural


    Spelling: review


    Comprehension Skills: sequence, topic, main idea

     Written Composition: procedure/instructional


    Grammar/Punctuation: adverbs (time, manner)


    Unit 6 – 2 weeks

    Genre: fantasy


    Spelling: irregular nouns, /sh/ sounds (-sion, -cian, -tion)


    Comprehension Skills: plot, story elements, moral

     Written Composition: fantasy/fictional


    Grammar/Punctuation: quotations, commas, apostrophes


    Unit 7 – 3 weeks

    Genre: nonfiction


    Spelling: r-controlled vowels, prefixes, suffixes


    Comprehension Skills: cause and effect, making connections, text features

     Written Composition: personal expository


    Grammar/Punctuation: simple/compound sentences, conjunctions


    Unit 8 – 2 weeks

    Genre: literary non-fiction


    Spelling: affixes review, double consonants (before adding suffix)


    Comprehension Skills: inference, plot, sequence, moral/theme

     Written Composition: narrative


    Grammar/Punctuation: homophones, homographs


    Unit 9 – 3 weeks

    Genre: poetry


    Spelling: droppin final –e, y->ies, suffix review


    Comprehension Skills: author’s purpose, making connections, figurative language, visualization

     Written Composition: poetry


    Grammar/Punctuation: review


    Unit 10 – 1 week

    Genre: persuasive


    Spelling: compound words


    Comprehension Skills: figurative language, topic, main idea

     Written Composition: opinion


    Grammar/Punctuation: adverbs, verbs, adjectives, nouns


    Unit 11 – 4 weeks

    Genre: fantasy


    Spelling: contractions, homophones


    Comprehension Skills: theme, moral, main idea/details, plot, sequence, character traits

     Written Composition: fantasy/fictional


    Grammar/Punctuation: analogies


    Unit 12 – 5 weeks

    Genre: drama


    Spelling: review, adverbs, adjectives, irregular vowels, review


    Comprehension Skills: character traits, sensory words, story elements, plot

     Written Composition: drama scripts


    Grammar/Punctuation: quotations, commas