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    Community Service-Serves Everyone!

    Advocacy Focus, East Early College High School







    Essential Question: Why should we volunteer?



    Monday, April 2


    Task 1: Watch-  – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4z7gDsSKUmU


    Discussion 1: Does volunteering have a real impact on our communities?


    Task 2: Read- "Why Community Service Work is Beneficial for Teenagers"


    Why Community Service Work is Beneficial for Teenagers?

    Why Community Service? 


    Discussion 2: According to the article, what are the benefits of community service?


    Share Out: Provide time for students in Advocacy to share out personal examples of

    community service they have participated in, and they should explain what fulfillment/or reward was obtained.


    Wednesday, April 4


    Task: Using the ideas from the article, video, and discussion, the advocacy class will create a poster that showcases the benefits and reasons we should participate in volunteer and/or community service. After the poster is completed, please post it near the classroom door (outside).





    Reflection and Discourse


     1. How does helping others uplift our own spirit?