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    Community Service-Project

    Advocacy Focus, East Early College High School


    April 16th- April 20th





    Essential Question: What problem exist that we can solve through volunteer efforts?



    Tuesday, April 10 


    Task 1: Read-Advocacy Service Project Guidelines and Expectations




    Task 2: Discuss the Purpose/Components  as stated in the Guidelines:


    Purpose: The Advocacy Service Project is an opportunity for students to use Advocacy as a resources and time to plan, execute, reflect, and promote their community service. The students will use the period to continue with the various elements of the Service Project. Also, students can use the advocacy period to complete, if possible, elements of their community service. Students must identify a problem in the community or on campus that can either be solved/or alleviate some of the problem.

    Components of the Service Project:

    1. Advocacy Service Project—Plan of Action

    2. Advocacy Service Project— Progress Tracking Form

    3. Community Service Record Form

    4. Service End Product/Service Pictures/Thank You Notes (etc.)

    5. Student e-Portfolio 

    6. Service Reflection Essay

    7. Academic Resume

    8. Advocacy Service Project Survey


    Task 3- Begin: Advocacy Service Project—Plan of Action



    Wednesday-Thursday, April 11- 12


    Task 1: Finalize Advocacy Service Project—Plan of Action

    Task 2: Begin- Research


    Reflection and Discourse


     1. What are some challenges of their Service Project Plan?