Community Service-Project- Designing a Resume

    Advocacy Focus, East Early College High School


    May 7-10 (Monday-Thursday)





    Essential Question: What is the benefits of having an effective resume?



    Monday - Thursday


    Task 1- Students will create an Academic Resume that effectively reflects their academic, personal, and professional accomplishments.   Examples will be provided, but remember these are just examples. You may determine the look of your resume, but make sure it is easy to follow and aesthetically appealing.




    Items required on Resume:

    1. Contact Information:

    1. Legal Name
    2. Address/Phone Number/Professional Email

    2. Education:

    1. College and High School Information Required
    2. Address/Main Number
    3. GPA/Rank  and Dates

    3. Awards/Honors:

    1. Name of Award
    2. Date Received
    3. If necessary- provide a brief explanation of the award

    4. Community Service:

    1. Name of Organization/or Event
    2. Contact Person's Name/Contact Information- address/phone/email
    3. Dates
    4. Description of Duties/Responsibilities

    5. Employment or Internships (If Applicable):

    1. Name of Supervisor
    2. Contact Information- address/phone/email
    3. Dates
    4. Description of  Duties/Responsibilities

    6. References:

    1. Provide 2-3 references (individuals who can speak about your academic, personal, and/or professional success)
    2. Name/Relationship
    3. Contact Information- address/phone/email
    4. Dates


    Tips On Resume Development:

    1. Avoid grammatical errors
    2. Use vivid and clear language
    3. Keep consistence with your format


    Reflection and Discourse


     1. Who should have access to your resume?