English IV: AP Literature
                                 Required Summer Reading


                                        P & P                       HTRLLAP


    • Pride & Prejudice    By: Jane Austen  


                         To access a free version of this text, click here: Pride and Prejudice



    • How to Read Literature like a Professor: a Lively and Entertaining Guide to Reading between the Lines    By: Thomas C. Foster  
                          * * * UPDATE (6/3/19) * * *

                                          DUE TO DISTRICT PRECAUTIONS TO AVOID ANY UNINTENDED COPYRIGHT VIOLATIONS -- the link to this text has been removed 
                                          (*affordable copies can be purchased at resale book stores or from alumni students)



    * You may read these texts using the provided resources or purchase a personal copy.  Regardless of the format
    you choose, you are responsible for completing both of these books prior to the first day of class:  August 26, 2019