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    If you would like to view one of the 7B teacher's blog, click on the subject you are trying to reach. 
    If your questions are not answered from the blog, please contact one of the 7B teachers via email. 

    Ms. Adjiou: EAJDIOU@houstonisd.org
    Mr. Caraballo: RCARABAL@houstonisd.org
    Ms. Marshall: DMARSHA4@houstonisd.org
    Mr. Merz: NMERZ@houstonisd.org

    Pin Oak Co-Teachers
    Ms. Bates: DAYNA.BATES@houstonisd.org
    Mr. Roldan: LUIS.ROLDAN@houstonisd.org

    Reading Intervention and Support 

    Ms. Chase May: CMAY1@houstonisd.org 

    Download the Remind app and add Mr. Caraballo's science class for science and school updates. The class code is @dg6993

    School Closure Note: (UPDATE 4)

    (Update 4) Teachers will have a "Working Hours" policy in which families can expect a response from teachers within a few minutes from Monday-Friday between the hours of 1PM - 3PM. Before teachers can begin teaching, we must make contact with all families. Please fill out the "POMS Check-in" Google Form on Mr. Caraballo's science Google Classroom. These must be filled out by Noon on Thursday, March 26th or teachers will start calling homes. 

    (Update 3) Beginning Tuesday, March 31st, Pin Oak students will begin completing online class assignments for all classes and not just some classes. 

    (Update 2) School has been cancelled as a precautionary decision amidst safety concerns of the Coronavirus. As per HISD announcements, classes will resume on Monday, April 13th.

    (Update 1) With the prolonged closure, please check the blogs at least once a day to make sure you stay up to date with your 7B cluster teachers.


  • Tutorial Times

    Tutorial Times

    Math- Tuesday 8:00am - 8:30am
    English- Wednesday 8:00am - 8:30am
    Texas History- Everyday 8:00am - 8:30am
    Science- Thursday 7:55am - 8:25am

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  • Detention Times

    Detention Times

    Math- Tuesday 8:00am - 8:30am
    English- Wednesday 8:00am - 8:30am
    Texas History- Wednesday 4:00pm - 4:30pm
    Science- Thursday 4:00pm - 4:30pm

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  • End of Cycle 5 & Away from School Week 2

    Posted by 7B Cluster Teachers on 3/30/2020 10:00:00 AM

    The Pin Oak Middle School staff met up many times last week and have planned many ways to set up learning away from school.

    Starting Tuesday of this week, students can reach us during our office hours of 1PM-3PM. Families can expect a fast response from any of their 4 core teachers. 

    Even though there has been an interrruption of school, the end of Cycle 5 will be on April 9th. If you have any missing assignments that could only be done at school, take care of that issue by emailing your teacher and ask what to do. 

    Check our individual teacher blogs for any updates on their classes throughout the week. 

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  • Away From School Week 1: March 23-27

    Posted by 7B Cluster Teachers on 3/24/2020 3:30:00 PM

    Good afternoon 7B families.

    We will start teaching and posting classroom assignments starting Tuesday, March 31st. There are a few things to talk about.

    A) We 7B are dedicated with providing you with learning and have set up a "Working Hours" policy.

    Every weekday from 1PM - 3PM you can email either Ms. Ajdiou, Mr. Caraballo, Ms. Marshall, or Mr. Merz and expect a response within a few minutes.

    B) Before we begin teaching, students are to fill out a "POMS 7B Check-in" Google Form available through Mr. Caraballo's Google Classroom. If you do not fill this form out by Thursday at Noon, 7B teachers will call home to check in ourselves.

    Follow these instructions to access Mr. Caraballo's Google Classroom if you have not already done so:

    1. go to google.com and sign in.
    2. use your student ID S-number and add @online.houstonisd.org. That means it should be something like -->  s1212123@online.houstonisd.org
    3. put in your student password that you use to log in. Like the ones in the school.
    4. click on the 9 little blacksquares at the top right of the google page.
    5. select google classroom and then Mr. Caraballo's science class should show up.

    C) We stress and highly urge families to constantly check the blog on teacher updates for each class. Check back just once a day to see any changes.

    Different classes have different requirements. Where one class may need 1 assignment per week, another class may require 2 assignments per week. Please check the cluster blog frequently for any changes and updates. 

    As information becomes available, or situations may change, we will update it on this blog as well. Good sources for information is from the emails provided by Mrs. Shoulders, our principal. If you would like district updates, the @Houstin ISD Twitter page has up to the second information.

    If you have not already done so, download the Remind application and add Mr. Caraballo's science class for announcements regarding the blog by typing in the class code @dg6993 on the app.

    We will continue to update information and any changes as it becomes available. 

    If you have any questions, feel free to email any of the 7B teachers.

    Ms. Adjiou

    Mr. Caraballo

    Ms. Marshall

    Mr. Merz

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  • March 13th, Friday, School Closure

    Posted by 7B Cluster Teachers on 3/12/2020 8:35:00 PM

    School has been cancelled as a precautionary decision amidst safety concerns of the Coronavirus. Classes will resume on Tuesday, March 31st.

    With the sudden notice, please check the blogs at least once a day to make sure you stay up to date with your 7B clusters.

    7B teachers will update their blogs on March 13th by 12:00 noon. It is your responsibility to stay updated with your education.

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