• Welcome to Science with Mr. Caraballo
    With the recent school closure, there will be assignments on Google Classroom. 

    Click on the link below to reach my Microsoft TEAMS Channel.
    Available weekdays from 1-3PM 
    - Expectations for my virtual drop-in sessions-
    1. This room is for questions only and not a hang out. Say hi, bring your questions and then respectfully, leave the room once they have been answered.
    2. If you are in a room all conversations are being recorded. Whether it's video AND chat.
    3. Use clean language and keep all conversations relevant.
    4. When a video is done, all participants must leave. Do not stay.

    Follow these instructions to access Mr. Caraballo's Google Classroom if you have not already done so:

    1. go to google.com and sign in.
    2. use your student ID S-number and add @online.houstonisd.org. That means it should be something like -->  s1212123@online.houstonisd.org
    3. put in your student password that you use to log in. Like the ones in the school.
    4. click on the 9 little blacksquares at the top right of the google page.
    5. select google classroom and then Mr. Caraballo's science class should show up.

    Read further for class necessities. For more or unanswered questions, email at rcarabaL@houstonisd.org

    Please visit this page for upcoming information. If you would like to receive class updates with the Remind App, please download the application Remind first and then add the class code:

    To be prepared IN CLASS everyday, bring:
    - Pencils
    - Composition Notebook
    - Planner

    Additional supplies students should keep and bring from time to time:
    -Pens (Red and Blue)
    -Colored Pencils

    *We will be keeping a green pocket folder in class for holding documents. Please buy and bring one. All students are required to have one and it will stay inside the classroom.

  • School Closure Week 4: April 13 - 17

    Posted by Ricardo Caraballo-Hernandez on 4/13/2020 10:00:00 AM

    Hi 7B and thank you for once again checking the blog! 
    I am sorry that I am not able to give you experiements or live activities like the rat dissection lab but I do spend many hours trying to find interesting videos and creating engaging content. I hope you are enjoying what you see.

    This is the 6th cycle at the moment, please do all of the Google Classroom assignments. I will be posting up extra credit oppourtunities in the middle of the week if you have time. The extra credit is NOT a substitute for the week's assignment and should only be done after the week's assignment has been completed. 

    This week, students are to complete 2 things:

    1. Fill in the Catastrophic Events Chart

    2. Choose one of the four ScienceFlix assignments and do them on the Google Slide.

    The information to complete this and the step by step instructions are on a third file that is called "How to Complete Instructions". Check this first, then start on the assignments. This is due Sunday, April 19th.

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  • School Closure Week 3: April 6 - 10

    Posted by RCaraballo on 4/6/2020 10:00:00 AM

    This week, I will be using the new Google Classroom online assignment, "Food Chains GIZMO" as the first grade of the 6th cycle.

    This will be due on Sunday, April 12th.

    You should have two windows open:
    1. HISD website application: The HUB
    2. Google Classroom assignment: Food Chain GIZMO doc

    I have to put grades for 5th cycle in before April 8th.
    I am so impressed that despite not being at school, there are so many students who are on point with deadlines. Yet, there are still many grades that have not been completed. Please reach out to me as soon as possible to fix any glitches, errors or concerns regarding grades. Email me: RCARABAL@houstonisd.org

    If you want to check what grades are missing, check the GradeSpeed Monitor and look for the 3 letters: MSG
    This means it is missing.

    I want to help out as much as possible but unless I am reached, I cannot do anything about it.

    There are many families that I do not have any contact info. Either it was incorrectly input at the beginning of the year or it has expired. 

    Please reach out to me so I may be able to help you.

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  • School Closure Week 2: March 30 - April 3 (Part 2)

    Posted by Ricardo Caraballo-Hernandez on 4/3/2020 3:45:00 PM

    For this week, another Google Classroom has been posted. Please complete the Biotic Vs. Abiotic Factors assignment before Sunday is over. 

    If you have missed any Google Classroom assignments, please be sure to complete them. They are going in as missing in the gradebook until they are turned in.

    If you had a missing assignment while we were still in school and cannot turn it in, please email me on what to do. I will have a specific set of directions to follow in this situation.

    There are many ways to reach out to me.
    1. Email me: RCARABAL@houstonisd.org
    2. The Remind Application. My class code: @dg6993
    3. Microsoft TEAMS for an actual video conference! Click on the link below to take you to our 7B Science Channel. I can help/fix your science questions/problems. Weekdays from 1-3PM. I will be there answering your questions.
    Microsoft TEAMS Link
    4. Google Classroom. Leave comments! I always message back. 

    We are required to hear from every student at least once per week. Send me a shout out on the comment in our Google Classroom messages! It is fast and easy and will be enough for us! 


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