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Mrs. May

Welcome to Reading Intervention!

My name is Mrs. May.  I teach Reading Intervention also known as READ ELEC.   I have been teaching for 23 years.  This is my second year at Pin Oak.  I really like teaching Reading Intervention because I struggled with reading myself and was diagnosed with Dyslexia my freshman year of highschool. I think my experiences with reading help me understand where my students are coming from.  I have 3 kids that all attended Pin Oak and have moved on to highschool and college.  My husband owns a couple of restaurants in the area and so I spend a lot of my spare time eating food.  

  • Reading Intervention is designed to give your student extra support with reading.  There is no homework, but there are tests to check that the student understands what is being taught.  Class is structured in a way to provide students the opportunity to read independently, to learn new strategies for reading, and to practice, first hand, the strategies being taught.  My hope is that each student walks away with a love of reading (or atleast new ways to understand what they are reading.)