• Welcome to Visual Art!

    Online Learning Spring 2020

    Online assignments will be posted here by 10 AM each Monday.

    All completed work for the week is due the following Sunday night by 8 PM.

    Ms. Sather and Ms. Slavin are available for face-to-face meetings on Microsoft Teams by appointment.
    Email your teacher any time to set up a meeting during Office Hours: 1:00-3:00 pm Monday-Friday.


    The grade book is closed!

    We emailed you a link to join the Homeroom Gallery for the Virtual Spring Art Show. Let us know if you need the link again. You are encouraged to select your favorite artwork you created during online learning (whether from a lesson or extra credit) and post it to the gallery. Or, if you would like to make a new piece, try recreating a famous portrait painting using found objects. See the Getty Museum Challenge for examples. Be sure to post by the end of the day MONDAY May 25, 2020.

    Click here to access the application to our yearlong classes: Intermediate Art (7th grade) & Advanced Art (8th grade).

    Make 2 drawings responding to the prompts at the end of the form. Email them to Ms. Slavin for Advanced (taught by Ms. Sather) or email them to Ms. Sather for Intermediate (taught by Ms. Slavin).

    Applicants should select Art as their top choice in case they don't get in to Intermediate or Advanced.



    Beginning 6th Grade Art - Sather and Slavin
    Semester long course resulting in completed 1/2 Fine Arts  credit. No prerequisites. Introductory class for students to try art and a variety of materials.


    Intermediate 7th & 8th Grade Art - Slavin
    Semester course resulting in 1/2 Fine Arts credit. No prerequisites. Introductory class for older students to try art, expand and refresh their skills.


    Advanced 7th Grade Art - Slavin
    Yearlong course resulting in completed Fine Arts credit. Required to have one year of art class or approval from art teachers. Students continue honing their skills and participate in contests. 


    Advanced 8th Grade Art - Sather
    Yearlong course resulting in completed Fine Arts credit. Required to have 1-2 years of art class experience or approval from art teachers.


    Ceramics - Sather
    Semester enrichment course. No prerequisites. 7th and 8th grade only. Students learn handbuilding with low-fire ceramics.


    Grading Practices

    Art Grading Rubric
    20% Followed directions

    20% Complete
    20% Craftsmanship (neat, mastery of skills)
    20% Effort (creativity, thoughtfulness)
    20% Participation (on-task, cleaned up)

    Grading system
    50% Major Art Projects

    30% Assessments: Written or Visual
    20% Daily Work: Warm-Ups, Practice, Journal, Supply Checks, Homework


  • Student Expectations

    Class rules
    ttitude of positivity

    Respect for people & things
    Think before you speak or act
    Imagine and be creative
    Saftey comes first
    Tidy up your space


    1. First offense: Warning, may lose some privileges depending on severity

    2. Second offense: Call home
    3. Third offense: Detention with teacher
    4. Fourth offense: Office referral


    Required Materials
    Students will need to have in class every day:

    1. Pencil bag with pencils, erasers, and sharpeners
    2. Planner
    3. *Advanced only: art journal