• Pin Oak Middle School Choir

    Ms. Chloe Schaaf, MM

    Director of Choral Activities

    Email: chloe.schaaf@houstonisd.org


    This website is designed to foster the success of the Pin Oak Choir & Piano departments, inform students and their parents, and address questions and concerns that may arise throughout the school year. We are excited to lead in the formation of a choir program that will earn the respect of the larger community through the diligent efforts of students, parents, director, and administrators.  

    As a choir student, each of you accepts membership into an organization we will build together upon pride and commitment to excellence. As a choir parent, each of you accepts the responsibility of understanding the expectations of your child in this fine arts program and supporting his or her endeavors to the fullest extent. 

    Things to consider: 

    Creativity. Music opens horizons of the mind and supports wonderment, imagination, appreciation, and sensitivity. Creativity is the source of possibility and is a mental muscle that must be trained and exercised often. 

    Communication. Music is a language beyond words. Music can only be explained with music because of its various styles, textures, tempos, and dynamics. Music truly stirs the soul of people. No words or visual displays can come close to the emotional impact of music. 

    Critical Assessment. Music is one of the key areas where an individual can develop consistency between intellectual and emotional understanding. Here is the chance to bridge the cognitive and affective data of life, which many feel is the recipe of genius. We can create formulas instead of just solutions, and we can be proactive rather than reactive. We can open the mind and avoid tunnel vision - and in doing so, come up with discerning opinions that develop quality character. 

    Commitment. It is almost impossible to be "partially committed" to music. One may quit on a test, refuse to turn in an assignment, or just not be aware of what is going on in a lecture class, but the participation level in music requires a focus of attention unlike most subjects in school. Music causes one to learn persistence and the value of "not giving up," even when there is the temptation to throw in the towel. Many have pointed to "stay power" as one of the greatest personal attributes in our society. Welcome to one of the key benefits of the study of music. 

    Program Goals

    • To present students at Pin Oak Middle School with the opportunity to learn, sing, play, and perform music in our graded and leveled choir program.  
    • To offer a quality musical experience through performance and competition of diverse choral literature.  
    • To promote the cultivation of student relationships through teamwork and camaraderie.  
    • To offer aspiring students opportunities for leadership.  
    • To promote and develop good character in each student—including, but not limited to: self-discipline, creativity, self-esteem, and enthusiasm for learning.  
    • To develop an aesthetic appreciation for choral music in students and in the surrounding community. 

    Purpose of the Ensemble

     Music performance teaches students to overcome anxiety and to take risks. They learn poise, composure, and the value of continued effort to achieve excellence. As a direct result of making music as a team, students have the opportunity to build and cultivate lasting friendships. Above all, music performance students know the satisfaction of the successful result of hard work, and this carries over into every other aspect of their lives. 

    Beginning Choirs

    6th Grade Choir is an introductory course open to all sixth-grade students. Regardless of previous choral experience, all sixth-grade choir students will participate in 6th Grade Choir.  The course will utilize warm-up techniques, musical terms and philosophies, relate to fellow musicians and directors, all things specific to POMS Choir.  Movable Do (solfege) and Kodaly hand signs are also taught. The goal of the course is to teach the students to implement the movable Do system, accompanied by the Kodaly hand signs when sight reading a musical selection. Through this course of study, students will learn new pieces and become more independent singers. The students will be given opportunities to perform the selected pieces and showcase skills learned throughout the semester.

    Advanced Treble Choir

    This is an elite audition-based advanced class.  These choirs are available to those students who display a clear knowledge of music theory, sight-reading skills, well-developed choral vocal timbre, self-discipline, organization skills and a desire to sing.  These singers will participate in TMEA Region choir auditions, HISD Solo and Ensemble competition, Fine Arts Friday, and many other extra community performances. With the extraordinary amount of music these choirs are expected to learn, these students must be able to practice and memorize music outside of the classroom.  Tools like CHARMS, OneNote, and private voice lessons (optional but highly encouraged) are available for these students to be more successful.