• Student Supply List for 2022-23
    Instrument and bow
    (correct size)
    Essential Elements Book 1
    Book order form (optional)
    Rosin and Polish Cloth
    Black wire music stand
    Black 1 in.  3 ring  binder WITH side pockets ( the music that is handed out will be put in here) 
    Several no 2 pencils in case and binder
     Rock Stop (cello &bass only)
     rock stop
    Violin Sponge or Shoulder Rest (violin only)
     Orchestra Uniform:
           Boys: Black slacks, white button down dress shirt (long or short sleeve) , black belt, black socks and black dress shoes
    Girls: Black dress pants or full length skirt (If skirt is not floor length black leggings or tights must be worn), white button down shirt or blouse, black shoes, black socks (if necessary)
    Metronome/Tuner (for home practice)
    All supplies must be brought to school every day that you have orchestra class. (The music stand,metronome, and uniform can stay at home unless specifically requested.)