What's for Homework ?



    Spelling: None this week

    Reading logs: Due 3-2-2020 (You will notice I will start to put a "P" for any reading log turned in late. Everyone will still receive a grade of "100" on grade speed once submitted to me.)

    I will be opening up all of the subjects for 1st grade on StudyIsland. Please be aware none of the first-grade material will be due. Please use it as a review tool.



    • Please be aware I only collect the Reading log once on Monday. I only grade one box per week. 


    Homework in my class will be assigned on Monday and Friday. The spelling list will be given every Monday and tested on Friday. The students will be given a reading log on Friday and will be checked on Monday.

    I offer many reminders for students to turn in their work on time, ranging from...

    • The student will have written reminders placed on the board daily.
    • Students will write in planners daily. 
    • Several verbal reminders at the start of class.