This week in class!!

  • Module 8

    01/20 Monday: MLK Day 

    01/21 Tuesday:  Math Ren 360- Finishing 

    01/22 Wednesday: Mod 8- Intro Into Subtraction

    • Homework- 8.1 Pg 257-258

    01/23 Thursday: Subtraction stratigies 

    01/24 Friday: 2-digit Subtraction 


    Mod 8 Test Projected for 1/29 

    100 Day of school projected for Feb 7th 

    Please remember that ALL Go Math materials are posted online for the students. If you wish for extra work or to just review the book with them. 

    Hub crediantials are the same username and password as study island. 

    Under digital resources, Go Math, 2nd Grade, student eBook. 

    You can also print off homework as well if your son/daughter has misplaced it.