• Retake Policy

    In accordance with Senate Bill 2033 Carnegie Vanguard abides by the following retake policy:

    • Not to exceed 2 retakes per grading cycle
    • Maximum retake score is 70, (score of 70 to 100 = 70)
    • The higher grade between the original and the retake is counted
    • The student, not the parent, must request the retake in writing (per teacher procedure in class syllabus)
    • Student must request the retake within 24 hours of the grade being posted to Gradespeed and complete the retake within one week of grade posted
    • Retakes are for tests only. A reading quiz (reading check) is an extension of homework and is not eligible for a retake
    • If a student has multiple retakes in the same day, it is the student’s responsibility to reschedule with the teacher in advance
    • No shows counts as a taken retake. You are considered a "no show" if you arrive 15 minutes or later from the start of lunch.
    • Final Exams are not eligible
    • Missing assignments fall under teacher’s late policy not campus retake policy


    Click here to access the Retake Form.