Fall 2018 Students at Work
  • Wings and Wheels (W&W)  4th Period    Pin Oak Middle School

    Mr. Dabbs A128               cdabbs@houstonisd.org

    Room Phone: (281) 295-6500 ex: 337-220

    Course Description:

    Wings and Wheels is a model kit building class that combines craft and research skills with inquiry-based learning. Students will develop and apply or continue to refine their model building abilities. Students will also use databases and other media to research the history of their models (airplane, car, truck, helicopter, rocket, etc). They will present their findings to the class when they complete their models and research. Students will be expected to complete all facets of their projects to gain credit for their model-making. All projects will have rubrics. Scores will be based on a combination of self-assessment and teacher-assessment. Students are expected to work on the models and research in class, though research for projects can happen outside of class, if desired. Lastly, students will be expected to properly set up, use, and put up materials and tools, some which can be harmful if handled inappropriately. Rest assured that the first few weeks of the class will focus on building constructive safety and cleanup procedures.